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We are a technology innovation and engineering company that is supporting the future of a sustainable European digital economy.

Infrastructure as a Service powered by highly innovative, cost-effective, immersion cooled compute facilities.

Infrastructure that uses renewable energy sources and captures energy to supply heat.

Because we're not just here to power technology. We’re here to power a sustainable future.

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Our future on planet Earth depends on human life, the natural world and the digital economy sustainably coexisting.

By revolutionising the energy consumption of data processing, EscherCloud creates climate positive results that benefit all three.

Join us to make sure you are part of the solution.




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hyperion lab.

EscherCloud AI lab

Powered by EscherCloud and NVIDIA, Hyperion Lab is an initiative space aiming to bring companies, talent, and startups together to accelerate AI and HPC.

The lab will showcase 8 promising AI & HPC startups every 6 months to highlight the latest technologies across industries.

In addition, the lab will host AI & HPC related events, trainings, and meet-ups provided by our partners and ecosystem.